Being a mum is hard work – we all know that. That’s why we find comfort in the small things that make us happy … a bar of chocolate … a much deserved night out … a quick game of bingo … or even just a video about bingo calls!

You see, that’s the great thing about bingo – there’s a whole secret language associated with it and the calls used to announce the selection of different numbers. It’s like belonging to a secret club … almost.

In celebration of this unique bingo-selling point, Costa Bingo has launched a new campaign to put all 90 bingo calls to video. They enlisted the help of bloggers and people like you and me to make the impressive clips with all 90 videos to be available on their YouTube channel over the next five weeks (there are already a good number of videos live already).

As a big fan of the campaign and its humours clips, we’re giving the new campaign a big thumbs up and a hearty score – just like the video for Number 20: One Score did! Take a look at the video now and see if you agree that Costa Bingo’s scoresheet should be full of ticks!