Whether you want to create a natural home or are looking to reduce the chemical exposure, there are many cleaning products at your disposal. Better still, these cleaning products are completely natural and chemical-free, as well as being widely available in most households.

In fact, all-natural cleaning products can be very cost-effective, as they save you from spending money on expensive cleaners that are for specific types of domestic cleaning. Many of them are also much better at cleaning than most chemical cleaners!

It is worth mentioning that these are great domestic cleaning products for smaller-scale jobs. If you have a larger cleaning issue that you are struggle to resolve, consider hiring a domestic cleaning company, as they provide the highest-quality cleaning service around and will be able to tackle any cleaning emergency you may have!

Baking Soda

This is one of the most versatile natural cleaners you have at your disposal – there’s no shortage of cleaning opportunities with baking soda!

The areas that baking soda truly shines is in the kitchen and bathroom. It’s a great abrasive cleaner that can remove dirt, grease, and grime from tiles, ovens, pots, pans and most other surfaces.

All you really need to do is add a small amount of water to baking soda, use an appropriate cleaning tool (such as a cloth, scouring pad or brush).

Dry baking soda is also very useful. For instance, you can cover animal mess and vacuum to remove the smell, and you can apply this trick to clean carpets and other materials that have unpleasant odours.


White vinegar is right up there with baking soda as one of the most versatile natural cleaning products out there. It is a rather powerful cleaning substance, making it great for removing nasty stains such as mould and mildew.

In fact, it is ideal for cleaning most dirty surfaces and leaving them nice and fresh – try cleaning the interior of your fridge to see just how great it works!

Many types of stains can be removed as well using white vinegar, such as tea and coffee stains found inside cups. Combine it with some baking soda and you can remove most carpet stains too!

Better still, vinegar can eliminate germs with ease, making it great cleaning product for bathrooms, as it can be used to easily clean the toilet, sink, and bath.

A great tip is to combine white vinegar with citrus peels, leave in a jar for a couple of days before straining. You will be left with a powerful cleaner with a pleasant smell that can be used for mopping, cleaning windows and most other surfaces.


When it comes to grease stain removal, salt is the best natural product out there. It removes grease from almost any material, including clothing, carpets and upholstery, and almost every home has access to it! This could be a quite cost-effective solution but may require patience, and the result may not be as effective as the ones provided by expert San Marcos furniture cleaners, or elsewhere, but with regular efforts, you might achieve great results.

Simply add salt and cold water to a grease stain, leave for around an hour or so, and then vacuum or brush the salt up. The grease should be totally removed from the fabric, and you can even apply the same method to clothes with any blood on them, simply add cold water and salt, soak, then wash with standard detergent.


The popular citrus fruit is a fantastic kitchen cleaning product that is 100% natural and has many uses beyond eating and drinking!

For instance, as a minor disinfectant, you can clean away germs on kitchen counters and chopping boards, particularly those more difficult to clean wooden boards!

A great use for lemons is for cleaning a microwave. Halve the lemon and squeeze the juice into a microwavable jug with some water and then dump the lemon halves into the jug when squeezed.

Microwave for a few minutes, then leave to stand, by which point the steam and lemon should loosen most stains. Simply wipe with a cloth and enjoy your pristine microwave!