Summer may be over, but the North West’s ever vibrant town of Blackpool has plenty to offer to families at this time of year. Whether you’re looking for thrills and spills at a spectacular theme park, culturally enriching theatre productions, a zoo, or many other little wonders, this is the seaside resort on the Irish Sea which has plenty to offer for everyone. So if you’re after a weekend away, then Blackpool is well worth your time and money.

For further information about your visit, you can still order an Events Guide for the remainder of 2016 which will let you know what’s going on in this always entertaining seaside resort.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

One of the most legendary theme parks in the whole of the UK, with rollercoasters such as the Big One, Nickelodeon land, and Wallace and Gromit, plus live shows, events, and fine dining, it’s quite literally been designed to ensure everyone has something to do.

The theme park has its own things to do in Blackpool list which is fairly extensive and is enough to keep you busy for an entire week in the seaside resort, never mind a weekend. Importantly, however, it every bit a family venue and even in the autumn months it’s open for families, with all sorts of offers available.


There are a large variety of live productions in Blackpool, most of them provided by the Grand Theatre and Winter Gardens. With shows on all year round for all ages (including family shows), these two are essentially the cultural hub of Blackpool, although the Pleasure Beach theme park also has its own spectacular events. Simply take your pick from the productions available, order your tickets, and enjoy.

Blackpool Zoo

It’s always a good time to see some awe-inspiring exotic animals and Blackpool Zoo certainly has this in spades. There are Amur tigers, gorillas, African lions, orangutans, flamingos, and even Magellanic penguins (named after the famous Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan).

There are also exhibitions and insights on conservationism and its importance, as well as the chance to adopt an animal at the zoo, which has benefits such as:

  • 2 admission tickets to the zoo
  • A personalised certificate
  • Factsheets and information letters
  • An invitation to an open day

Blackpool Tower & Piers

A visit to the central and north piers should always be on the cards, as Blackpool Tower quite literally towers above the skyline. You can, of course, go to the very top of this structure for some amazing views, which is particularly effective when the sun is setting.

However, the piers offer a great opportunity to take in the Blackpool way of life, with the chance to walk out over the ocean as well as indulge in many attractions. There’s the Funhouse Family Bar, Blackpool Big Wheel, peter Sedgewicks Funfair, and other opportunities to indulge in a bit of escapist fun.

The Pleasure Beach

The beach itself is expansive and often provides dramatic views when an evening sunset spreads rather majestically across the town. Along with the three piers offering plenty of activities, taking a walk onto the beach can be a relaxing experience and offer families a chance to take a picnic or play some football or cricket.

You can read more about what’s available at the beaches on this guide to get a better appreciation of how beautiful Blackpool’s beach can look, as well as all the activities available (do note, this guide is dated to 2012 and so its times aren’t applicable).