Pregnancy is a very exciting time in life. Of course it comes with several reservations, but it also comes with great joy. Women are often hesitant of pregnancy because they know how much they’re going to change. The body they worked so hard for all their lives is going to morph into something almost unrecognizable.

With it will come stretch marks, weight gain, and a new stage of being. Not all women are completely caught up in these reservations. They may be more concerned with the idea of how much it’s going to hurt to give birth, how much their lifestyle is going to change, and how many days of little sleep they’re going to get.

Despite all of the changes and challenges guaranteed to come, pregnancy is a beautiful experience that comes with some pretty cool perks. The top on the list? Clothing! Time to go on a shopping spree! Here is some of the best maternity clothing for women to show of their baby bumps.

The Empire Waist

The empire waist is a silhouette enjoyed by most women because it’s flattering on everyone. The silhouette is aimed at drawing attention to the smallest part of a woman’s waist and it then flows outward to draw the eye out in a grand, swooping fashion. The empire waist creates an hourglass figure on any woman.

This is a perfect clothing option for pregnant women because it shows off her shape without drawing too much attention to all the potential lumps and bumps that come with pregnancy. Try the silhouette in a shirt, a tunic, a long or short dress, or even a jumper. The options are wide, and thankfully maternity clothes have come a long way in the stylish and flattering department. They’re almost cuter than regular clothes!

Items Fitted Close and Comfortable

Sometimes long and flowy is what you’re in the mood for, but sometimes you already feel like you have enough volume and you just want to show off the baby bump that you have. Take pride in that beautiful pregnant figure. The way you can do this is to find articles of clothing that are fitted close and comfortable, but aren’t made with restricted fabrics or bands that hug and chaff in the wrong way.

Take advantage of leggings and stretchy tunic style tops that fit you in all the right places. Your body is going through magnificent changes. It can be hard to cope with at times, but thanks to companies who understand a pregnant woman’s body, the clothes you wear will make you feel like a million dollars, even when your body is changing as much as it is.