I was playing with my children the other day, when I started to reminisce about their time as newborns. There are a few things that seriously helped me as a stressed out new mom, so I thought I could share these with you!

  1. A Fitted Car Seat

Your car seat needs to be fitted before you bring the baby home. If you don’t remember to do this close to your due date, your elation at the thought of bringing your bundle of joy home could be replaced with despair. Make sure it’s fitted and safe. Also, check the recall list to make sure your car seat is as safe as possible!

  1. Comfortable Baby Bath Products

Bathing your baby is a joy, but you want to make sure they’re comfortable. I used no tears formula for them, and made sure their bathtub would stand the test of time. I also invested in a few toys for the bath, as well as a thermometer so I knew I wasn’t going to burn them!

  1. Teething Toys

When babies start teething, you know about it. It isn’t nice to hear your baby making those painful teething noises, so invest in a quality teething toy or two to keep them quiet. I hear Sophie the giraffe is the one to go for these days, although she wasn’t around when my boys were little!

  1. Scratch Mitts

Babies and scratching is a disaster waiting to happen. Just why they insist on doing it, I’m not sure, but some good scratch mitts are a must. Don’t leave it until they’ve already scratched themselves raw, either!

  1. A Stylish Nappy Bag

Changing nappies isn’t stylish, but that doesn’t mean your nappy bag can’t be! Make sure it’s wipe clean, so you don’t need to worry about anything messing it up. I loved taking mine with me as it had such a cute design.


Image Author: Flickr

  1. A Wearable Baby Carrier

There’s nothing quite like wearing your baby. Sounds weird, but it’s true! You can get so much more done with a wearable baby carrier, I don’t know why I don’t see more people with them. Your baby will relax as they’re so close to you, and you’ll probably find they fall asleep most of the time. Things can get messy if they’re sick, but that’s part of being a new parent.

  1. Baby Monitors

When I moved my babies out of my room, I found it difficult to relax. Everybody should have a baby monitor, that goes without saying. Just make sure you do your research and buy quality baby monitors, so you know they’re definitely working and alerting you to anything going on in your baby’s room. Some will even soothe your baby off to sleep!

These things all made my life so much easier, and I just know they will yours too. Things have changed an awful lot since mine were little, so there are sure to be even better products out there these days. Enjoy the feeling of being a new mum!