It’s especially true for first-time mothers that the world as you know it changes completely when you finally welcome your bundle of joy to the world. This fragile little life which relies completely on you for their survival and early development not only makes you see the world differently, but can also give birth to a healthier, more responsible and more confident you.



It’s a natural mother’s instinct to want the best for your child and while a mother does everything to be the best that they can for their child, a different type of miracle takes place and mothers often benefit greatly themselves out of raising their child. Yes, baby comes bearing joy in many ways, one of which is your improved health, mostly as a result of just going about your daily business of being a mum and raising your baby.

It all starts in the mind; your mentality undergoes a transformation which is centred on securing the immediate future of your child, which is why well over two-thirds of young mums resolve to incorporate exercise and general health into their own daily lives. After carrying a miracle inside of you for nine months and then finally giving birth, the body naturally undergoes physical changes and so many mothers are simply compelled to focus on health and exercise in a bid to get back in their pre-pregnancy shape, or to go one better and work towards getting into the best shape of their lives.

This baby-induced health-consciousness goes beyond mentality however, so if the arrival of your baby doesn’t spark you into a desire to take better care of your health and exercise more as part of the process, physically taking care of your child inevitably leads to better health choices. So baby brings more than just joy – baby brings joy and health.

New mums cannot help but become a lot more health conscious, just by virtue of preparing meals for baby. Mums need to get it spot-on in terms of what is good for the growth, development and health of their children, and so convenience-foods form part of the casualty list induced by just broadening your overall knowledge on healthier food options. It takes some time and effort to prepare baby-friendly foods and often that means the same mentality is applied to the preparation of your own dietary requirements. For example, you might have to prepare small portions of a specific healthy food for baby, yet regular portions are normally much bigger, leaving the rest for you!

Baby-induced health-consciousness stretches even further however, permeating what you are sometimes forced to do as part of perhaps inadvertently taking care of your physical fitness. As baby grows, just trying to keep up with their ever-increasing energy levels likely forces unprecedented levels of physical application on your part, and so you get in some exercise without even realising it at times. If shedding the baby weight isn’t on your to-do list as part of an exercise regime, then perhaps frequently pushing the pram will force you to get in some exercise, either way.