For a first time parent, knowing what you need to buy for your new arrival can be confusing. There are so many baby products and clothing items on the market that you may feel you need to keep buying. Your baby will grow quickly during the first couple of months, so focus on buying the everyday essentials.

Here is a list of vital items to buy for your newborn.



Sleepsuits come in a range of cute prints and colours – companies like Petit Bateau offer a great range. Sleepsuits are all-in-ones so there is no need to buy socks, which tend to fall off newborn feet. They are comfortable and convenient, so your baby can wear them constantly for the first couple of months.

Vests and Bodysuits

These are a baby essential and go underneath clothing. They have an envelope neck to make dressing easier and feature poppers for quick nappy changes. Choose vests for warmer weather, but if you are expecting a winter arrival, opt for long sleeved bodysuits so you can layer for warmth.

Scratch Mitts

Newborns can have surprisingly long nails that can mark their delicate faces when they scratch, particularly in their sleep. Not all newborns scratch, but buy a couple of pairs in preparation.

Baby Bibs

Bibs protect against spills and dribbles during feeding and prevent the need for extra changes of clothes. Buy at least five of these to prevent you from having to constantly use the washing machine.


You will find that your baby’s temperature will fluctuate easily, particularly in the winter. During cold months, your little one will need help keeping warm, while your baby may struggle to keep cool during the summer. Buy cardigans so you can easily add or remove layers as required.

Coats and SnowsuitsHats

Hats are essential whatever the season. Choose a wide brimmed hat to protect your baby from the sun during the summer, or a thick cosy hat that covers your baby’s ears for cold winter months.

Coats and Snowsuits

For a winter arrival, consider buying a coat or an all-in-one snowsuit. They are bulky but essential for keeping your baby warm in the chilly weather. Choose a thinner version if you travel long distances to prevent your baby from getting too hot in the car.

Focus on buying these basics rather than cute outfits, as your friends and family will most likely buy these as gifts. Just make sure not to forget the nappies!