There’s something about dining outside in the fresh air that makes food taste so much better. Those who are lucky enough to have space for an entertaining area in the garden should read on for tips on optimizing this valuable asset.

Get the basics right

For a generous outdoor dining area, allow space for a dining table and a set of chairs plus room to move around to serve food and drinks. Allow the surroundings to help dictate the materials used for the surfaces – if the main house is of wood construction, fit timber decking to complement. Alternatively, use stone paving for a garden patio on an old stone or brick built property. Ensure that all floor surfaces are level so that drinks don’t slide off the table and there are no trip hazards. It can be tricky fitting decking or paving to a high specification, so for best results consider hiring a professional hard landscaper. For small areas where a soft surface is required a fragrant chamomile lawn is a popular option. It needs only light manual clipping, is soft and velvety underfoot and has a heavenly perfume. Perfect for the gardener with a romantic streak…

Be sure of shade

Savoring a meal in the great outdoors can be truly delightful. But there are moments when finding shelter becomes a priority. Imagine you’ve put a lot of thought and effort into having a patio installed in your garden, with the assistance of a North Augusta concrete patio contractor (or a similar professional), for outdoor dining. Given the beauty of your patio, it’s quite likely that you wouldn’t want to limit your enjoyment to just evenings or cloudy days. You’d probably want to relish it every day, even in the bright sun. That’s why it’s a smart idea to consider adding a wooden or wrought iron pergola with a polycarbonate roof above your dining area. Adorned with climbing plants like fragrant honeysuckle, rambling roses, wisteria, or Virginia creeper, this durable structure not only defines your outdoor space but also offers protection from the sun’s intense rays. If you decide to erect a pergola, it’s crucial to be well-informed about the pros and cons of a polycarbonate pergola roof (or whichever material you choose) as well as the iron supports to ensure its longevity without damage.

Eat the plants!

A kitchen garden stocked with a variety of herbs, fruit and vegetables will be invaluable to the regular garden entertainer. Impress friends by picking then cooking food right in front of their eyes. Large rectangular planters edging a patio or deck make the perfect place to grow rosemary, thyme, oregano and basil, and their delightful aromatic scents will fill the air.

Furnish with style

Investing in high-quality furniture for your garden dining area is highly rewarding. There are numerous sophisticated and durable garden furniture choices that excel both in aesthetics and practicality. To achieve a timeless and stylish ambiance, you can buy an expandable round dining table crafted from top-notch wood, ideally suited for outdoor dining. Similarly, you can also add comfortable and stylish outdoor dining chairs. For that, it would be worth considering options such as armchairs, chaise lounges, or even hanging chairs, which may help you complete the look.

Sensual pleasures

Finally, indulge the senses by using planting schemes close to the dining area that attract insects and butterflies as well as filling the air with heady perfume. Lavender, honeysuckle, ilium, monarda, nicotiana, lilac, nepeta and buddleia are all great plants to pull in the pollinators, as well as smelling super sweet.

Garden dining is a great way to enjoy sunny lunches and candlelit suppers on warm summer evenings. The winning combination of food and flowers is always going to be fun, so why not get out there and see what’s cooking?