It is needless to mention that the wedding of your daughter or son will certainly be one of the most momentous and eventful days of your lifetime and you would naturally wish to look amazing on that day. Being a mom of the bride (or in that case of the groom), it is absolutely okay to splurge on your wedding outfit. Since it is such a pivotal event of your life, don’t make the mistake of economizing on your clothes even though you may think that you’ll wear this outfit just once. Not only will there be numerous photos of you that will be clicked but the memories of this day will also stay forever. So, if you’re looking for mother of the bride outfits, go through this guide.

Basic requirements of the mother of the bride’s outfit

Though there are various rules for dressing at a wedding as per countries but you can’t deny that there are also few basic requirements for a mother of the bride outfit. What are they?

  • It shouldn’t be of the same color as of the bride’s dress. Hence you have to cross-check with the bride and also the bridesmaids. Don’t dress in such a manner that you’re mistaken for a bridesmaid.
  • Avoid wearing any flashy or bright colors. Colors like hot pink, red or yellow should be avoided as they stand out too much unnecessarily. However, if you prefer wearing colors, go for subtle ones.
  • Black shouldn’t be a preferred color. Black color often depicts mourning. Though this isn’t any hard-and-fast rule, but it is better not to choose black as most women above the age of 40 look beautiful in colored gowns.
  • The dress shouldn’t be too sexy. Allow your daughter to be the sexiest girl in the party and hence avoid showing too much of cleavage in the event.
  • Have solutions for different locations. In case the wedding is scheduled in a church, make sure you have a jacket along with your dress. Take a look at JJ’s House for more details on occasion dresses.

Other vital protocol for the mother of the bride

  • Discuss your daughter’s preferences about your dress. If you find her to be casual enough, you may choose anything you please. On the contrary, if your daughter is sensitive about few specific colors, try abiding by that.
  • Plan for the shopping of your dress way before time. It is only when you plan everything in advance that you can stay less stressed due to other last-minute responsibilities as a mom.
  • Keep in mind your personality. If you usually like plain and clean clothes, don’t overdress by choosing diamonds and sequins. On the other hand, if you like patterns and enjoy being hip, choose the unique outfits.
  • Though it may seem okay to wear pants for your daughter’s wedding, nothing can be better than a dress. Choose a luxurious fabric.

Therefore, if you’re a mother of a bride who is all set for her D-day, choose your outfit with great care. Try to stand out among the crowd of invitees.