The routine which forms part of the daily grind gets to you far beyond the actual moments when you have to fight off the urge to hit “snooze” every morning, when you’re stuck in the rush-hour traffic or indeed when you “rediscover” how your domestic environment looks under sunlight over the weekend. You find yourself dreaming of an escape perhaps even while you’re already away on another trip and your eleutheromania basically has you living for the next escape. Whatever strain of itchy feet you have, if you know exactly where and how to look, you can find a way to make your next getaway happen.

Budget travellers

These guys probably don’t need any guidance as to how to go about making their next trip happen. Backpackers in particular are adept at sniffing out the best and cheapest deals in existence, some which even seem to be hidden in plain view. Budget travellers don’t mind following a 45-hour flight path if it means the long-layovers afford them a few hours to explore another destination en route to their main one, but more importantly, if it means their airfare will have you suspecting they know some people in some pretty high places.

Luxury travellers

Luxury travellers have quite a bit of money to spend and they don’t really mind paying for some extra comfort and luxury and fortunately there’s no shortage of premium travel offers. This type of traveller will usually deal directly with the likes of hotels and airlines, only too happy to pay the full-fare.

Digital nomads

Digital nomads can exist as either budget travellers or sometimes even premium travellers, but usually it’s somewhere in the middle, because as much as sniffing out the best and cheapest deals means they can prolong their travels and consolidate on this remote living-and-working lifestyle, they still require some level of comfort, because of the fact that they’ll be on the road for so long. This is how the explosion of the co-working spaces revolution was catalysed, so too the obsession with hotels, hostels, resorts, etc emphasising free Wi-Fi as part of the room rate.


Honeymooners aren’t addressed here with their own specific area to look in the direction of, by way of some options for going on the ultimate getaway, but that’s only because these types of once-in-lifetime travellers likely fall squarely into the luxury travellers’ bracket. Babymooners on the other hand can still make a babymoon trip happen somewhere between the realms of the budget travellers and luxury travellers, although you definitely want a certain level of comfort, particularly for the matriarch. There’s a specific platform that exists in the form of the Loveholidays Babymoon Finder to help babymooners find the perfect holiday getaway before baby arrives, listing search queries based on all the elements which exist around the unique needs of a couple seeking to travel while expecting a baby.

Naturally the plan is to come back in time for the baby’s welcoming into the world, but the point is pregnancy shouldn’t and probably can’t suppress itchy feet.