Many people struggle to find extra storage space in their bedroom when it comes to organizing their clothes, shoes or accessories. This can make it easy to lose certain items and will cause you to take longer to get ready in the morning.

To free up extra bedroom storage without spending a lot of time or money, here are 9 creative ways so you can catch some extra Zzz’s.

  1. Pack Clothes that are Out of Season

Free up extra closet space by packing clothes that are out of season and you likely won’t need for the next year.

Use vacuum sealed bags to store the items under your bed for easy access. Drawers with wheels can also be used under the bed to easily pull them out. Or for that hip look, go with vintage suitcases.

  1. Use a Pant Hanger

Pant hangers can store multiple items on one hanger in your closet by hanging them vertically instead of horizontally. This can free up extra space in your dresser and also make items easier to find.

  1. Hang Jewellery on the Wall

You can display your necklaces and bracelets on a framed pin board that is hung on the wall to obtain more space on your dresser or nightstand. The items will be visually appealing and you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for in seconds. Jewellery branches can also be used on the wall for a decorative accent that is still functional with displaying your accessories.

  1. Add Bed Risers


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Allow your bed to sit on risers, which will offer more room to store certain items and will also keep them out of sight when they’re not used on a consistent basis. Sliding drawer units can also be used underneath the bed for an easy way of keeping everything organized.

  1. Fold Clothes Vertically

According to, you can fold your pants and sweaters vertically in your dresser drawers to save space and find items in half the time.

  1. Use a Shoe Rack


It can be challenging to find a pair of pumps or sneakers when all of your shoes are laid out on your closet floor, which can limit how much mobility you have in the space. Opt for using a shoe rack to display your shoes in an organized fashion and have more space on the floors.

  1. Add a Wardrobe Wall

A wardrobe wall or a fitted wardrobe will blend in with the rest of the room and can offer extra space in your dresser and closet. There are different varieties and styles for such pieces, and you could check them out at Metro Wardrobes or similar furniture websites. Fitted wardrobes are ideal for larger rooms and homes that you plan to live in long-term.

  1. Choose a Nightstand with Drawers

Instead of relying on tables for your furniture, use furniture pieces that have drawers where you can store extra items and keep them out of sight. This can be used for your medication, jewellery and electronics.

  1. Use Drawer Dividers


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Drawer dividers make it easy to group items and fold them neatly instead of digging around for socks and underwear that take up more space when they’re not stacked. Use the dividers to categorize each undergarment to ensure you have plenty of room in your drawers without overstuffing everything.

Kate Smith, Interior Designer @ Brosa Furniture

Kate is the resident interior designer at Brosa and mother of two. She has decorated hundreds of properties over her career and is responsible for styling all of Brosa’s amazing product shoots. Kate loves helping people make the most of their homes (whatever their size). Check out her latest post: 24 Amazing Bedroom Storage Ideas & Hacks.