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Plenty of parents want to expose their children to amazing art, culture, and architecture, especially in other countries. This can help them to become a knowledgeable, well rounded individual, but kids aren’t always up for the idea of trawling museums. If you’re travelling to Brussels, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s always something fun for you and your kids to do together. Here are the 9 best activities in Brussels that the whole family will love:

The Scientastic Museum

The scientastic museum is a fantastic educational place where your children can see over 90 exhibits and learn so many different things. It’ll keep you all busy and enthralled for hours!


This year round water park has 11 exciting slides for thrill seekers, a wave pool, rafts, saunas, and jacuzzis. Why not enjoy a traditional Belgian beverage at the restaurant while your kids have fun playing on the water attractions? There’s nothing saying you can’t join in with them either!

The Museum of Cocoa and Chocolate

If you and your kids love chocolate, this is a must visit! You’ll learn all about the history of chocolate, and even unexpected uses for it that you never would have imagined (fancy wearing a chocolate outfit?).

The Atomium

This was built in 1958 for the world fair, and represents an atom that has been enlarged 165 billion times it’s original size! It’s 9 spheres are connected through tubes that house escalators to travel from one place to the next. Each sphere contains a different attraction; restaurants, museums, and children’s area.


If you’re a family of car lovers, Brussels offers a large collection of vehicles from a carriage used by Napoleon to a variety of concept cars. There are 5 different collections to amuse children of all ages.


This is simply a must for all visitors to Brussels. The statue of a little boy doing his business in public is found very amusing by all visitors. He was built in 1619, and has accumulated many outfits over the years, including outfits he wears on special occasions. He has a sister and a dog that pee on their own corners around brussels too!


300 models and sites from all over Europe have been reduced to a 1/25 scale of the originals. Each model is in full working order, and you’ll even be able to hear big Ben chime! There’s a restaurant here too, so no one will go hungry.


If you’ve had a particularly long, hard day in Brussels the Kinnepolis is the place to relax. Simply sit back, relax, and watch a film on one of the 25 movie screens before going back to your digs. Check this site for great places to stay in Brussels!

Comic Strip Art and Shops

You can find these places all around Brussels, just waiting to be explored by kids and comic book enthusiasts. There’s even a comic strip museum!

There’s plenty more to do in Brussels too – go and explore for yourself! Let us know if you do any of the activities above, we’d love to hear from you. Have fun!