Who knew Bingo could be so fun – or so funny?! I really enjoy adapting the game to be used in lessons with my classes as they love it, but I’ve recently discovered a new and really fun side of it. Traditional Bingo calls, whilst adding a little entertainment to the game, have been totally revolutionized by Costa Bingo, who have added a whole new dimension of fun to it!

Costa Bingo is pioneering a  new campaign to create a unique and individual video for each of the 90 Bingo calls. They have relied on the help of a small army of bloggers, a cross section of Average Joes, to create the 90 videos which collectively show a range of quirky interpretations and senses of humor!  The videos will be available on Costa’s YouTube channel over the next five weeks, but there are already loads uploaded so it’s well worth checking them out now!

I love the campaign as the clips are hilarious (what can I say? Small things and small minds!), and am proud to show the video below for Number 87: Torquay in Devon, not least because it’s where Jack’s family are from! A small claim to fame, we know, but still… Check out the video below for a taste of Costa’s campaign!