When your kids’ bedroom starts to look drab or becomes less functional, it’s time for a change. While some rooms would require a complete makeover, changing a few things will immediately do the trick without the need for spending too much. Here are some easy tips on how you can redecorate your child’s bedroom.

  1. The walls. You can change the wallpaper to a different theme depending on the age and taste of your kid. Or, you can repaint it. For girls, soft, pastel colors are the usual preferences. On the other hand, you can also blend in some bold hues with neutrals to give more character to a boy’s room. Wallpapers come in different designs, and you can let your child make a choice. Make sure to consult your child. You can also add preppy wall art to their room’s walls to make it look more appealing. In fact, these wall arts can also be helpful in decorating your home, including your drawing or dining room.
  2. The furniture. Your kids will surely need more space as they grow. Eliminate objects that are not necessary so you can free the room from clutter. If you don’t have time to go around shops, you can go on Shop Mohd and check the Kartell collection. You will find a lot of furniture ideas that can perfectly go in a child’s room – study tables, chairs, beds, as well as decorative pieces.
  3. The storage. Children will need lots of storage for their collections and clothes. Think ahead and install a built-in cabinet that won’t topple over in case your child climbs on it. In the long run, it would also come in handy when your child grows older as he can always use it. This will also help you save versus buying a small cabinet and having to replace it with a more spacious one years later.
  4. The work and play area. Space and privacy is indeed important and it would be advisable to always consider these when fixing up your child’s bedroom. You can personalize one part of the room where he can do artwork, play and entertain his friends. Comfort is the top factor. Make sure a good-sized work table and chair is available. You can decorate the area with art works your child did himself or with other items to suggest the theme of the area.
  5. The lighting. Kids need good lights for studying, for resting, and for other daily activities. Depending on the theme of the room, explore options from a Lighting Shop and find quality table lamps, ceiling lights, or bedside lamps that feature fun and funky designs.
  6. The design. For sure your child will love that cartoon theme for as long as he is a child but once he becomes older, his tastes might change. Thus, before decorating, consider long-term use. Perhaps it would be best to paint walls with colours that you can reuse once your child decides his tastes have changed. Neutrals will work fine or classic-patterned wallpapers will be easier to blend with new decorating needs. Use removable wall stickers or decals instead of permanent ones.
  7. The space for entertaining friends. Children love it when their friends visit and even more so when they sleep over. So, it would be great if your child’s bed has a pull-out mattress to accommodate his best pals comfortably. You can place more chairs or bean bags to make the room more interesting.