With energy prices increasing, it’s always smart to look at ways to heat your home for less. A standard solution is to suggest putting in a whole new heat system like a furnace or a boiler that can keep you warm and cozy throughout the winter months

Honestly, for these kinds of home heating appliances, all you would need is fuel and regular maintenance, which can be taken care of by professionals (similar to the ones at https://valleyservice.net/fargo-services/furnace-repair)! But if you are not looking at these options, there are always more affordable options. Look at these suggestions to get some ideas.

1. Use Thick Curtains

Putting up new curtains can make a significant difference. Opt for thermal curtain panels as they help to block heat loss from windows.

The thermal lining can keep air from coming in or out of the room; it prevents a room from becoming too cold, and it will reduce your need to turn up the heat. In turn, you’ll save money on the next heating bill, and as your heating system won’t have to work so hard, you could extend its lifespan.

2. Put Rugs Over Bare Floorboards

If your floorboards don’t have any insulation, they could account for up to 10% of heat loss. An easy and inexpensive way to keep in the heat to prevent this problem is to lay down rugs along the bare floors.

An added benefit is the warmth on your feet of the rugs. They’ll also add a decorative element to a room, so choose a colour and pattern that complements the furniture.

3. Fix Mini-Draughts

Small draughts that you might not have noticed could be reducing the room temperature. For pet owners, a dog flap in the door might open several times a day, wafting the adjoining room with a cold breeze from outside.

A letterbox in the front door and a keyhole are also places that you might overlook that cause a draft. While there is little that you can do about these, always add draught-excluders where possible to stop the rooms from getting too cold.

4. Wood Burning Stove

Along with providing a comforting glow, a wood-burning stove is also a terrific heat source. It can heat a room and even an entire house with the right type, size, and placement in the property.

With several different styles available, a wood-burning stove from stonewoods.co.uk includes an air wash system and innovative clean burn. This technology provides a highly efficient and effective output, as well as a cleaner burn.

5. Not Using a Room? Close the Door

If you’re not using a bedroom, then keep the door to it closed. Doing so is an easy way to prevent cold air from filling the other rooms that you do use; it also helps contain warm air within the space that you’re heating.

6. Check to See How Else to Improve Your Home

If you’re looking for other ways to heat your home in the most energy-efficient way possible, take a free Home Energy Check. This tool from Energy Saving Trust is simple to do online and could provide you with great ways to save energy and save money on your bills in the process.

Being Smart about Heat

When temperatures outside dip low, it’s tempting to turn up the thermostat. The above suggestions show that you can do more to heat the home without spending too much.