Bathrooms are oft forgotten wonderlands in our homes. We spend so long getting our bedrooms ready, our living rooms looking perfect and our kitchens fantastically modernised that sometimes when it comes to our bathrooms we are prepared to simply ‘make do’. We focus on other rooms in the house while forgetting a room where we can sometimes spend just an hour or so relaxing and getting away from it all.

There is nothing quite like a long soak in the bath, perhaps with some scented candles, some gentle ambient music or perhaps a big book or an e-book to keep you company. However it can sometimes be very hard to create this idyllic scene if your bathroom looks more like it just jumped out of the Big Brother House.

In contrast, some bathroom designs decide to push the boat waay out, using designs so strange and unique that they gather interest from the four corners of the globe. These bathrooms provide inspiration for people looking to renovate their dusty old bathroom, encourage photographers to snap photos of them and sometimes just make people stop and think ‘What a strange idea for a Bathroom…But I like it’


 A Bathroom with a Fireplace

“A fireplace? Aren’t fireplaces for the living room?” I hear you cry. Why yes, normally fireplaces are commonly found in the living room or the study, however one budding designer has decided to swap it round a little with a stunning crackling fireplace located in the bathroom.

Just imagine those cold winter nights, watching the fire glow on the hearth as you sink back into beautiful scented bubbles for a long relaxing bath. It paints the image of a snow lodge, high in some lonesome Skiing Mountains where you are safe and warm while the storm rages outside. Glorious.

Space Bathroom

In boldly going where no man has gone before, the Nasa ‘space bathroom’ is truly unique in that it has to re-think how to expel waste. With a distinct lack of gravity on the International Space Station, Nasa uses harnessed airflow to create a properly hygienic bathroom for the astronauts.

The toilet actually has foot straps which the astronauts have to strap themselves into, creating a tight seal between the user and the toilet seat so that no waste is left floating out in the bathroom chamber. An intricate system of tubes, pipes and ducts use airflow to effectively remove the waste.

Dolce and Gabbana Gold Bathroom

Located in the A list restaurant known as simply ‘Gold’ this luxurious bathroom has been home to many pop stars and reality TV stars including Kylie Minogue and Paris Hilton. It appears as if almost the entire bathroom has just been dipped in a gleaming layer of gold and to be honest we wouldn’t be surprised if this were the case.


Boasting marble countertops, golden walls lined with golden bamboo and giant sparkling mirrors, each golden stall is adorned with a plasma screen the loops a constant showing of the well known Goldfinger. How amazingly apt, double o seven.

Falling away or floating Bathroom

If you’ve never been a fan of heights or suffer from vertigo, then the falling bathroom design is not for you. Using several layer of reinforced glass, this iconic bathroom design shows an eerie insight into the bowels of the building, dropping into a steep chasm below the plumbing of the bathroom.

It’s almost like something out of a saw film, where you can see metres of stone and rock below as you go about your business. That being said if you like the idea of a ‘falling’ bathroom but you don’t have the means to built it atop an abandoned mine shaft, you can always get a skilled optical illusionist to paint your floor for you, as this sometimes works just as well and takes the ‘risk’ out of the equation.

Eco Bathroom

In todays environmentally aware society, it is all about saving water, turning off the lights and carpooling to reduce your carbon footprint. Therefore it is no surprise that a minimalist eco bathroom has been in the works for some time now, and with modern designs all about sleek furniture and style, it is no surprise that it looks like the bathroom of the future.

Some hardcore eco bathrooms can be found using recycled collected rainwater in order to minimise water usage, but many eco bathrooms found in homes today have specially designed engineering systems that allows for a powerful spray of water but still reduces water intake and some even come with a shut off valve or a timer that ensures that you don’t spend too long in the shower!


Bonus Bathroom – Coffee Public Baths Japan

Japan is the land of imagination and strange opportunities. Whether you’re looking to see some giant men in nappies wrestle or you want to see robots in a dance off against scantily clad women, Japan will always have something to surprise you.

Today we are looking at the various themed hot springs and ‘Onken’, otherwise known as public baths. With a number of themed baths available, one of the strangest one is the infamous ‘Coffee’ bath, where you can bathe in hot coffee, in a roast of your choice. There are even giant porcelain coffee cups and bags of faux coffee beans surrounding the bath to create a real ‘hot coffee effect’. Even if you’re not planning on having a coffee bath it is well worth visiting the onken just to get a whiff of that rich aroma.

And there you have it, a short collection of surprisingly unusual, but beautiful bathroom designs that help push the boundaries of what you can do to achieve a gorgeous bathroom design. So what do you think? Have these unique bathroom designs inspired you to do something different with your bathroom?

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