To be honest, the fashion industry is a really dynamic one. There are always tons of ways you can stay on point and on edge with what you wear. It gets even more exciting with some creativity put into it. But ladies, it’s not only your looks on the outside that matters. What you choose to put in your closet as undergarment also talks a great deal about you.

As a matter of fact, relationship experts suggest that lingerie and underpants have a huge role to play as far as bedroom matters are concerned. Plus who doesn’t want to rock in some nice bikini panties and bras while enjoying the summer sun, down at the beach, huh? Yeah, that’s what I thought!

Not to forget, you can also purchase sexy lingeries to explore your personal desires and understand what you might like in a bedroom, be it role play, getting kinky, or watching porn together on SEXM.XXX and similar websites. Being relaxed and confident while indulging in any sort of sexual activity can enhance your experience and pleasure tenfolds. Furthermore, to truly understand your sexual needs and preferences, you may have to self-experiment and explore pleasure points yourself so that you can guide your partner in bed. For that, you will need to create that ambiance and atmosphere where you feel sexy and comfortable in yourself and Victoria’s Secret lingerie can help you accentuate self-pleasure by enhancing your seductiveness and sensuality.

And if you’re one of the fashion-conscious ladies out there, names like Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, Karlie Kloss, Lais Ribeiro, Alanna Arrington, Jasmine Tookes, and other Victoria’s Secret angels’ names should pop up in your mind whenever the word lingerie is mentioned. Long story short, keeping up to speed with the latest lingerie fashion trends is important but can be exhausting. But not if you know where to look!

To bring you up to speed a little, here are 5 Victoria’s Secret fashion trends women should try with a bit more focus on your bottom undergarments.

1. Some Edgy G-Strings

These are sometimes also known as V-strings and are not to be confused with thongs. A G-string is simply an underwear ensemble that features a triangular fabric in the front with simple straps or elastic elsewhere. They made a perfect alternative in those days when you feel like going commando or pantyless.

There are lots of G-string options to pick from when it comes to brands but you certainly don’t want to go without the Floral Lace V-String Party G-string by Victoria’s Secret. Other fancy options include the Cosabella Sweet Treats Infinity and the Lace G String by Intimissimi.

2. Thong Up

Thongs are a little bit similar to G-Strings only that the band is a tad bit thicker. The front area also features a little bit more coverage plus there’s a triangle fabric on the back too. Despite gaining popularity some dozens of decades ago, thongs are still pretty darn popular today. Plus there are numerous options to choose from, including floral, lace-ups, high-leg, petal, and lace-trim thongs. For a few examples from 2017’s Victoria’s Secret runways, you can check out the Very Sexy Banded Panty online. The La Perla Leavers Lace and the Topshop Satin and Lace Thongs may also give you that undergarment edge you’re looking for.

3. Bikinis Are Still a Thing

Any really experienced expert in the fashion world will tell you that the term bikini can be confusing nowadays. However, bikinis simply refer to undergarments that are can neither be considered as briefs nor thongs. If you like, you can call them a little bit of both. When worn with a matching bra, it becomes a bikini suit. They’re basically slim on the sides, offering a considerable amount of coverage for the behind. As many Victoria’s Secret angels have taught us over the years, they’re also perfect when appropriately worn as outerwear. Some awesome Victoria’s Secret bikini panty options you should try include seamless, high-leg, and lace-trim.

To spice up the wardrobe with options a little bit, you can also consider Everlane’s The Bikini. The Black Romance String Panty by Hello Beautiful tends to be quite trendy too.

4. Keep it Brief

They might not be the sexiest undergarments on the planet but they’ve got some perks too. Briefs provide more coverage but they might cause a slight issue when trying to hide the panty lines. Either way, there’s quite a ton of options when it comes to briefs. Victoria Secret’s high-leg and high-waist briefs are definitely worth a try for your closet this year.

5. Tried Some Boyshorts Yet?

There are those days when you want to be extra comfortable under there. Sometimes called shortie panties boyshorts tend to provide a better comfort and ease, especially when you choose a good fabric such as cotton. Boyshorts resemble men’s briefs, only that they carry a more feminine style with a ‘thongish’ cut. They make a perfect ensemble for those windy days when you’re wearing a short fluttery dress or skirt. Try the No Show Sexy Illusions Panty from Victoria’s Secret or the Dream Angles Sequin Sexy Shortie Panty

Be sure to also invest in some fancy lingerie sleepwear such as slips, babydolls, robes, kimonos, rompers, corsets, teddies, and bodysuits. Some currently trending Victoria’s Secret options include the Wear it Out, Logo Love, and Get Your Shine On. And you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg updating your undergarment closet drawer. As a matter of fact, there’s always a Victoria’s Secret coupon code waiting for you online.

With at least a few pairs of each of the above in your closet, there’s no better way to stay stylish and on edge under there and in the bedroom. Without sacrificing your preferences, you only need to match them up with some sexy push-up, unlined, and lightly lined bras to make it a suit where appropriate.