The strange thing about modern living is it’s more switched on and hectic than ever before in human history. Whilst we’re all more stressed out, we’ve also never had it so go in terms of standards of living. This is great news as there’s a small army of services around to make sure your life is as streamlined as possible.

Many of you may well know of some of the following, but this list sets out to highlight 5 ultra-cool services or apps which are revolutionary or may well have passed you by. To help your day-to-day activities, consider adding these to your life to take off some of the stress, help you save money, and add in extra time so you can complete more tasks.

  1. IFTTT

If you’re staring at that thinking I’ve made a bungling typo, this is really the name of the service. It’s basically pronounced as “gift” but with no g (although it stands for “if this then that”). It’s also a modern marvel as the service works in tandem with 100+ services to make the internet work for you.

How it works is this: it synchronises all of your online channels into one. If you’re wondering how this will benefit your life, check out this IFTTT basic tutorial for advice and insights on a wonderful tool every internet addict should have.

  1. Apple Pay

Well how about this? You can now pay for goods with your iPhone! The tech giant has partnered with Visa, Mastercard, and American Express to offer an extremely secure (all the latest cutting edge technology is in place to keep your details safe) service which is also ultra-convenient.

Not all stores accept this option yet, but you can rest assured it will be an obvious go-to option for most shoppers in the coming years. In fact, 2017 could be the year the big move away from credit and debit cards begins.

  1. Online grocery shopping

Many people still head out to their local supermarket to perform the weekly big shop, or whatever system your family has in place. This includes trawling through a store for up to several hours getting your shopping done.

For years, supermarkets have been offering a cost-effective alternative. All the big names are at it competing with each other, which means there are great savings to be had in terms of time and money. This handy online shopping guide from the legendary Manchester Evening News is a good place to start, but just be aware the likes of ASDA, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, and more offer excellent savings and options, plus highly convenient delivery times.

  1. Mobile tyre fitting

It does exactly what it says on the tin, simply put. If you’re a car, van, SUV, or 4×4 owner you can get a great value mobile tyre fitting – new tyres fitted directly to your door.

The even better news is the fittings are usually free and some companies offer massive discounts on high street garages, so it’s win-win for all vehicle owners in this now booming industry. They turn up at your door and you’re fitted up with none of the hassle of heading to your garage.

  1. TED Talks!

Whilst you may busy yourself watching services like Netflix or YouTube, there’s a huge untapped resource many people simply don’t bother using.

TED talks offer brilliant advice across a huge range of topics. It stands for Technology, Entertainment Design and was founded back in 1984, but with the advent of the internet it’s became a huge deal over the last decade. Whether it’s food, lifestyle, space, science, health, culture, or business, there’s something for everyone and it’s a free educational resource for everybody with an internet connection.

This most popular TED talks of all time will help ease you into this wonderfully inspiring world of motivational, lifehack, and educational videos from passionate experts.