Reaching your fitness goals can be difficult but it’s also incredibly rewarding. Change doesn’t happen overnight – it takes a lot of work and dedication. But it is achievable.

Here are a few ways to stay on track while getting fit.

1. Pick Achievable Goals

It’s a good idea to pick measurable and solid goals so you can measure your progress (such as losing X amount of kilos), rather than focusing on a generic “I want to get fit” objective. Try to pick achievable goals that are reasonable under your current circumstances – you don’t want to get too burnt out by your routine and give up early.

2. Have an Accountability Buddy

While it’s great to hold yourself accountable to your progress, it’s also a wise idea to talk about your goals with a close friend. Have them ask about your progress every few weeks and keep in tune with your fitness routine. If this friend is happy to work out with you, even better.

By having a friend who also follows your progress, you have someone else to answer to. For many people, this can be extra motivation to keep on track.

3. Work out a Solid Diet

Take a good look at the food you’re eating on a regular basis and determine if your current diet is contributing to your quest to get fitter. Cutting out unhealthy foods and introducing more fruits and vegetables and proteins is a great way to make your fitness goals more achievable.

If muscle gain is what you’re after, many nutrition specialists such as Fitness Market can offer bodybuilding and nutrition supplements that will help you achieve optimal physical performance and help with your fitness training.

4. Slowly Push Yourself Further

So you’ve settled into a comfortable routine and your diet and workouts are going nicely. Why not push things a step further? Once you’re happy with your routine, slowly start to push yourself a little bit more. If you’re doing cardio, increase the distances or speed at which you’re running/walking/biking. If you’re doing weights, increase the amount you’re lifting.

By constantly pushing yourself that step further, you can reach and even exceed your fitness goals faster.

5. Get Inspired

Everyone is different and no two fitness journeys will be the same. For many people, working out is fun and exciting, while others will dread every gym session. Whatever your view, it’s important to be disciplined enough to stick to your goals no matter what.

Find what inspires you and use that inspiration as fuel to change your lifestyle and live a healthier life. Most importantly, have fun with it! While a healthy, active life can make you happier and improve your quality of life, don’t forget to enjoy yourself on the journey!

Your fitness journey is your own; find out what works and doesn’t work for you. Even though it’s hard work, it doesn’t have to be a chore – find exercises you enjoy doing, eat healthy foods that you still like and find a way to inspire yourself to become a healthier you.