If you live in London or the southeast and haven’t been living under a rock for decades, you’ll know all about Heathrow and Gatwick Airports.

And while they’re some of the world’s best-connected air hubs, they can also be hectic and stressful when you’re travelling with a family group that includes kids, teenagers and elderly relatives.

But if you choose to depart from their little brother Luton, a calmer pre-flight environment means that your familial flock will be as harmonious as the Von Trapps as they prep for their hols.

The choice of Luton destinations might also be better than you remember too – you can currently choose from hotspots like Amsterdam, Ibiza, Tunisia and Turkey, to name but a few.

With that in mind, here are five savvy tips for Luton family travellers.

  1. Farm fun

For the perfect way to relax on the way to Luton Airport, you should consider building in enough time for animal antics at Woodside Farm.

Petting bunnies, goats and ducklings is the perfect way to relax before a flight – and for those who prefer exotics, there are also lizards and a boa constrictor!

  1. Supermarket smarts

Snacks are at a premium inside any airport, so stopping off at a supermarket before you enter the terminal building could save you a packet.

There are plenty to choose from, but the Sainsbury’s at Dunstable Road is 10 minutes away and well-stocked with everything you need – don’t forget the 100ml liquids limit though!

  1. Full tums

Everyone gets a little antsy when their bellies are empty, so having something decent to eat before taking your plane seat is definitely advised.

Luckily, there are plenty of eating emporiums in offer at Luton, including Burger King, Pizza e Pronta, The Great British Sausage Company, Pret A Manger and Wasabi.

  1. Children’s facilities

Luton is switched on to the needs of children – there are plenty of private areas for nursing mothers, a kids entertainment area close to Pret A Manger (follow signs for gates 1-6) and baby care rooms throughout the terminal building.

And furthermore, if you’re ever left scratching your head about anything, friendly passenger service assistants are easy to spot in their bright yellow jumpers and they’re always happy to assist.

  1. Convenient parking

It might be less hassle to take your own car if you’re setting off in a big group – this approach is possibly more conducive to calm than public transport.

There are plenty of spaces, but book Luton airport parking with Looking4.com beforehand to save cash and avoid disappointment – then park up your motor and stroll straight into the nearby departure lounge.

These five savvy tips for Luton family travellers will set you up for a holiday that’s fun-packed but worry free – the perfect recipe for relaxation.

So ends our list, but share your own Luton airport family travel tips in the comments section.