Being a parent is no easy feat. You can easily become tangled in your daily laundry list of things to do during your hectic days. Parental insecurity and self-doubt can easily creep into your life on top of your busy schedule. In the current social media era, it’s not hard to find many articles about various achieving and successful mums who are able to juggle work, the house chores, the hubby, and their kids at the same time without ever doing things wrong.

This can easily put doubts in your mind when you see other handling their kids differently than you. This might make you wonder if you would have been a better parent if you could change things. You can rest assured that you are not a bad parent as long as you are giving your kids all the attention and love they need in their life. There are no competition when it comes to parenting, and your kids might probably agree that you are the best parents in the world. Here are the situations that does not make you a bad parent.

Perhaps you do not usually put your artistic talent to use by preparing exceptional school lunches for your kids with little notes in them or you do not post pictures of your freshly baked cookies on Instagram to show it to the world. And maybe it happens that you even go for the easy route of preparing peanut butter and jam sandwiches. It can also happen that when you get stuck in office meeting or other unexpected situations, you just feed the entire family with microwave cooked food.

Some parents have rarely been able to set an exact curfew time or time limit for the kids to watch T.V or go to bed. No matter how hard they try, the time always end up being stretched by more than half an hour. There are also times when the weather is great outside for the kids to go enjoy the swings or take a bicycle ride but you are unable to accompany them out because of your hectic schedule. And instead you keep them busy with your mobile phone or tablet which acts as some sort of nanny while you battle against time to be with them.

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There are many mums who stay at home while some work full time. And whatever the choice that you take, there is probably a reason behind it. You do not really need to justify your choice if you spend many hours at work, as long as you spend as much time as possible with your little ones, you are doing just fine.

At the end of the day, no one’s running after a best parent trophy. All you need is to be your best, and engage in quality interaction with your little ones, where they feel cared and loved. That’s all the essential things they really need from their parents to be perfect.