For dog owners, their four-legged friends are part of what makes a house feel like a home, so it’s natural to take canine needs into account when you’re selecting flooring, and it’s equally important to choose a material that won’t suffer damage at their paws.

There are so many options to choose from, some are affordable but not durable, and some are really tough but quite expensive. It’s hard to strike the right balance. However, that’s where wood flooring excels. The many professional vendors akin to Shadow Wood Flooring out there that work with Hardwood and Laminated Flooring would be best able to educate you on why timber is a good floor choice. Among other things, they would also be able to asses your needs and provide solutions accordingly. However, that is a much larger discussion.

For people with dogs who are looking for a quicker summary of the advantages, here are just five reasons you should lay down timber flooring.

  1. Wear Looks Fine and is Repaired Easily

Dogs like to race around, and their claws can damage any kind of flooring. However, scratches to hardwood flooring will be minimal, and they’ll add to the material’s character as they age instead of necessitating replacement flooring. If serious damage occurs, you can always sand the top layer to return your timber flooring to prime condition.

  1. Accidents Can Be Mopped Up in Seconds

Puppies often have accidents, and it’s not unknown for house-broken dogs to occasionally get overexcited. If your dog has an accident on timber flooring, there’s no real need to worry. The surface of treated timber is non-porous, so liquid and solid waste can be removed quickly and easily.

  1. Allergens and Fur Have Nowhere to Hide

We might love dogs, but loving the fur they leave across the home isn’t quite as easy. It’s a particular problem with long-haired pooches, who tend to coat your flooring during moulting seasons. Allergens can also be an issue, especially when they become trapped in carpet fibres. Hardwood flooring provides no refuge for fur or allergens.

  1. Dirt and Mud Isn’t an Issue

Even the most well-behaved dog will sometimes run into your house with dirt on paws and coat. Some flooring materials don’t respond well to dirt and mud, but timber flooring is very easy to clean.

  1. Enjoy the Pitter Patter of Beloved Paws

Maybe this isn’t a very practical benefit, but who can resist that stirring pitter patter your dog’s claws make across timber flooring whenever you call their name? Don’t try to pretend this isn’t a deciding factor.