When driving a car, safety should be of paramount importance. In addition, it is important to ensure your car is in good condition to ensure smooth driving. Here are some precautions you can follow to ensure safe and smooth driving.

a) Stay focused

Accidents are a major occurrence on most roads. One of the main reasons they occur is when a driver gets distracted. When driving, it is important to only focus on driving. This means avoiding other tasks such as using you phone or other devices when driving. Drives are also advised to be physically and mentally fit when on the wheel.

b) Observe traffic rules and regulations

For safe and smooth driving, drivers are required to observe traffic rules and regulations. It is important to especially observe speed limits, and also driving at a speed you are comfortable with. This is because driving at high speeds minimizes chances of reacting when an incident occurs. Drivers should also not drive when under the influence of alcohol or any other drugs and substances. You should also be vigilant of what others drivers are doing and also keep a safe distance between your car and the one in front of you.

c) Observe a safe driving plan

When planning to drive, it is important to schedule stops for resting, eating or attending to other business. It is also important to adjust your mirrors, seats, safety belts, and climate controls among others for smooth driving. It is also important to have items you will need when driving such as garage passes, toll cards, license o toll fees within easy reach.

d) Ensure visibility

It is important to assess the visibility of the road and turn on your lights when it is poor, especially when there is snow, fog, or rain. It is also good practice to turn you lights off when visibility improves.

e) Keep your car in good condition

While safety should be your major concern, it is also important to ensure your car is in good condition. This is to make it less prone to breaking down or causing accidents. It is highly advisable to follow the servicing and maintenance schedule of your car. You should especially give special attention to tyres, brakes, fluid levels, filters, coolants and lubricants among other components. When your car is well maintained, you will be saving money in the long run since there will be no need of replacing most parts since they may only require servicing. If you are Dundee or its surroundings, then you can visit our experts at Fife Autocentre for professional tyre fittings.