The beauty and diversity of an exotic African Island make Mauritius a wonderful holiday destination for all kinds of travellers. Azure blue palm-fringed beaches with powdery white sand, dense forests and majestic mountains that are perfect for nature treks, a unique blend of cultures and gorgeous luxury villas at prices you won’t believe. Mauritius is a true paradise! Here are 5 places you must visit during your stay on Mauritius Island:

1. Port Louis

Port Louis is the island’s capital and this buzzing colourful town is a true landmark, not to be missed! The town is home to historical treasures, colonial buildings and interesting museums as well as lively traditional markets where you can stroll around for hours, shopping for souvenirs and trying out the local food and local drinks. A feast for all senses!

2. Black River Gorges National Park

The Black River Gorges National Park is the island’s largest protected forest, named after the black stones found in the streaming river than runs through this gorgeous national park. Within the Black River Gorges National Park, there is over 50 km of hiking trails and it is a place of immense raw and unspoiled natural beauty. Breathtaking sceneries of green rolling hills and dense forests lay ahead and along the way, there are many picnic areas shaded by tall tropical trees. Nature walks don’t get better than this! You can also spot monkeys and exotic birds including the pink pigeon. Go wander around by yourself or you can get a guide to show you around.

3. Chamarel

This is another magical place where you will be enchanted by the beauty of nature. Chamarel is famous for the 7-coloured earth; a lunar-like landscape of sand dunes with shimmering colours of red, brown, violet, blue, purple and yellow, caused by the cooling of molten rock. On the way, you can stop at a magnificent 100-meter high waterfall. It is a stunning and impressive sight and at the foot of the waterfall, you can go swim in a natural pool, surrounded by rocks and exotic greenery. Another nice place to visit in this area is Rhumerie de Chamarel, located in the plantation hills. Here, you can try the local rum made from sugarcane and you can also visit the museum to learn all about how this delicious local spirit is made.

 4.  Grand Baie

Grand Baie is one of the island’s most popular tourist destination towns, featuring colourful markets and beautiful beaches where you can dine along the coastline, sip sunset cocktails at beach clubs and have fun with watersports during the day. The town has a lot to offer and it makes a great base from where you can explore other landmarks of Mauritius. So, go find that perfect private pool villa and combine luxury with relaxation, fun and exciting day trips.

5. Ile Aux Cerfs

This beautiful island, also known as ‘deer islands’ seems to come straight out of paradise and though it is no secret anymore, it still makes an amazing place that you must visit during your holiday in Mauritius. Think of crystal clear azure blue water, black rocks resting on the white sandy coastline and starfish… big live starfish like you have never seen before. You can spend lovely days here, swimming in the tropical water, sunbathing under the golden sun and sipping coconuts in the shade of leafy palm trees. Ile Aux Cerfs also features an adventure park, great fun for families with kids.

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