Whether it’s just a heart-warming gift, a present on a milestone birthday or a gift to symbolise and eternal bond, jewellery is not often given in light situations. Available in a wide range of materials, from plain beads to exquisite fine metalworking, jewellery can be seen in the general public every day, but we don’t often give much notice to it. However if given a message and a meaning behind the jewellery, it can mean the world to one individual.

Jewellery is a great way of expressing your feelings for a person without having to write it in an elaborate card or physically say the words out loud. In some cases, those physical displays of affection mean far more than words and we hold them much closer to our hearts. As well as bespoke jewellery, there are also a number of personal touches you can give your jewellery gifts to make them that extra bit special for the gifted.Have a look about at the many different jewellery specialists and suppliers such as jacobsthejewellers.com to see if you’re able to pick out the next jewellery gift for the lucky man or woman in your life. Here are five examples of ways to personalise your jewellery so that your intended will know it is a gift from the heart.


  1. Get something unique! Hand-made jewellery is always the best, not least because every piece is different and not widely available.
  2. To be really individual, have something made, to commission. Most craftsmen love to make this way, and it’s often not much more expensive. You don’t need to be a designer – the process is guided by the maker, working to a time scale and budget. The care and attention is part of the fun and really shows the recipient how much you care.
  1. Engraving

A simple, time-honoured method, never lost on the recipient. Most jewellers provide engraving services where a special messages can be cut into the front or the back of jewellery. Ideally, choose hand-engraving, which, though more expensive, is far better than machine engraving.

Certain fonts are recommended to add customisation to your message and you can choose any message you like, within reason. Some limits are given in terms of characters or number of words, but in general you have free reign to provide text.

you giving a gift to mark a certain milestone? A great achievement? Why not mark the date on the jewellery. Something very simple such as Graduation 2015 or Doctorate June 4th provides enough information that the date will always be remembered, even if the other details are forgotten. It is a great way to remind your recipient of the importance of that date and is much more permanent and personal than a card.

  1. Re-use inherited jewellery. In families there is often jewellery handed down that is never going to be worn. For example, use grandma’s old brooch to make grandchildren pendants. Usually almost all the stones and precious metal can be used even if some new materials are needed.



  1. Make Your Own!

While a somewhat unorthodox method in comparison to the other ideas we have described here, if you take metalworking classes or try your hand at glassblowing, you might be able to make something utterly bespoke and spectacular for your recipient. The only limiting factor is how far you are willing to push yourself! Give it a try and you never know, you might pick up a new talent.

  1. Birthstones

An oldie, but a goody! Birthstones make lovely personal birthday gifts. Note there are several different customs: Traditional, Modern or Eastern being the main ones. Make sure you are provided with a card which provides information about the birthstone so the recipient understands the significance

Adding a personal touch to any set of jewellery, whether it is a small touch or a more bespoke twist, is a great way of showing your affection and doesn’t often go unnoticed. As a way of showing your love, hand-made jewellery is not often beaten in terms of good, quality gifts that the wearer will treasure for years to come. Make your gift special today with a personal touch.

Article provided by www.prudenandsmith.com, a jewellery company based in East Sussex and established almost 30 years ago.