Being a mother is one of the toughest, yet most enjoyable and rewarding, experience in any woman’s life as they embrace the responsibility of raising a child in a loving, caring home. Finding time to enjoy a social life or have a moment’s peace can be difficult as children require your full, undivided attention at all times. Although mums may only get 10 minutes of peace on fleeting occasions, they can turn to their phone or tablet in order to briefly switch off and allow for some down time.

Indeed, there have been studies into the correlation between kids going back to school and mums turning to online gaming during their moments of piece. This has not eluded online casino hosts, who are now targeting mummies with daily offers to draw them in. But there is also a plethora of downloadable apps make it possible for mums to personalise their smartphone or tablet, and utilise it during quieter moments, such as when your partner is playing with your child or they have been put to bed for the night. Here are five must-have apps for all mums out there.

BBC Breaking News


Keeping tabs on the latest and breaking news in the United Kingdom and elsewhere in the world is almost impossible when raising a child. Having the radio on during the day can be one way of having one ear on an interesting news stories, but mums are more often than not playing with their child, making meals or changing nappies. Downloading the BBC News apps provides an instant portal to BBC’s global network of journalists who provide informative stories to keep mums in touch with what is happening around the world.


Mums can often feel tired after a long, hard day with their child and need something to feel re-energised and keep their brain active. Going straight for sugary foods, such as chocolate and biscuits, may seem very appealing, but choosing puzzle games on your smartphone or tablet can be the perfect remedy. Lettered is a time-based game which focuses upon creating words from a board which provides more letters as you go along. You can tilt and rotate the phone to slide letters around in order to find more words before the board fills up. Lettered helps to improve mental strength and give your brain a good workout, leaving you feeling energised and alert to tackle the rest of the day’s challenges.


Going shopping can be difficult as a mother, as the experience of trawling around a shopping mall with a restless child can be unpleasant and tiresome. However, modern day technology now brings the shops and your favourite items to you, with numerous apps made available across clothes stores and supermarket companies. Downloading Very’s app provides mums with a direct link to an extensive catalogue which they can browse through at their own leisure and make purchases straight from their device.


Social media has become all the rage, with millions of people worldwide, including celebrities, sharing their views, opinions and life events on sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Mums get very little time to check their social network feeds, making the Flipboard app ideal. The app cleverly collects content from social media sites and their partnering websites, and presents it in a magazine format that is easy to read and provides all the information you need straight at your fingertips.

Draw Something

draw something

Playing games is something all mums should do with their children, but enjoying a game in your own time is equally enjoyable and beneficial. Winding down after a long day is made achievable through a fun, entertaining game that mixes the humour of bad drawings with a brain challenge in trying to work out the other person’s drawing. Draw Something is a social drawing game that connects thousands of people across the country, and allows you to play competitive against other players or enjoy a more friendly co-operative game with your friends. It is the perfect app for mums to play together during their short breaks, and add a bit of fun to their day.