Who doesn’t love parties? Themed parties are a great way of bringing the family together towards a shared interest, whether it is a Halloween party, a themed birthday party or just a random party thrown together last minute. They can really bring out the creative side in people, whether you have bought your costume, you’ve made it out of bits around the house or you have gone all out. It gives people the chance to be someone else for a day and it is great fun for all involved.

Themed parties don’t just stop happening once you reach a certain age they are for everyone. We’ve put together a list of our favourite party themes suitable for kids aged 1 – 100. Pick from our list, or make up your own theme, it is up to you! It is your party after all!

1. Disney Heroes and Villains

The kids can be the heroes, whereas the adults get to show off their evil side in this clash versus good and bad. Hold a costume competition for both children and adults to see who has the best evil laugh, who can flex their muscles the hardest and who can do the best rendition of The Lion King’s ‘The Circle Of Life’ (but they don’t have to remember all the words)


2. SuperHeroes (And Villains)

Be it Marvel, DC, Dreamworks or an original creation, get your super suits on with a Superheroes and Supervillains themed party! You can make fun and fancy kryptonite cupcakes or fashion bat-tacular cornflake cakes. Well, is that it? Certainly not! You can top it all off with a costume contest for both the heroes and the villains.

Whatever you choose, you could use some ideas to amp up your look with, say, some gloves, artificial weaponry, and so on. Speaking of, my personal favourites would be realistic makeup and fashion jewellery. Including some cool ornaments like blingy studs, chains and gold or silver grillz (which can be procured from agoradiant.com) would give you that perfect dramatic, iced out look for the occasion.

3. Witches, Wizards, Hobbits, Orcs and Elves

It is a whole host of fantasy characters from all over the realms. Whether you fancy yourself a Potterhead, a LOTR fan or you’d like to try out your hand as one of The Doctor’s, this party is sure to be full of laughs and obscure references. You can get plenty of wizard themed decor and party favors from an official Harry Potter shop or another one that sells LOTR merchandise. Also, why not try playing Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock in a homage to The Big Bang Theory, or host a show marathon where everyone gets to watch one of their favourite episodes or films? Endless possibilities!

4. Hawaiian/Beach Party

Get your Hawaiian lei’s out and roast a few pineapple and chicken skewers on the barbeque to start off a great beach themed party. Grab an inflatable pool big enough for everyone to sit in and a few inflatable props such as palm trees, parrots and coconuts and prepare a limbo stick for later on in the day. If you want to test your drinks prowess, you can research how to make cocktails exclusively for the adults.


5. Pirates/Ninjas

It’s Pirates Vs Ninjas! Which will you choose, the cutlass, or the shuriken as these two troublesome teams face off in a series of fun games for all the family! Ninjas make a great five minute costume choice, whereas people can go all out with their Pirate clothes designs and gaudy accents. You can also arrange a treasure hunt, or a hide and seek game for your Pirates and Ninjas to partake in. Goody bags with eye patches and bandannas in will finish off a great day.

While some themes are easier for everyone than others, certain themes require a little bit of imagination, particularly if you only have bits around the house to make your costume out of! All in all it is all a bit of fun, and seeing a home-made wizards costume out of a blanket-robe, a stick from the garden and a mop tied to your face as a make-shift beard can be as entertaining as seeing a full home-made batman outfit complete with cape and cowl. Parties are there for everyone to enjoy themselves, so why limit the dressing up to just one age group?

This article was provided by www.mypartymonster.co.uk, an online party gear stockist with costumes to suit every single occasion.