The café industry is fiercely competitive and, to have a successful and thriving café, it’s important to know about contemporary design trends and understand that customers seek a complete experience when coming to your café. It is critical that your café stands out from the crowd. You need to offer customers a new and exciting experience and the design and style of your café has a huge influence on the quality of that experience.

For instance, one way to stand out from the crowd is to use environmentally friendly materials such as bamboo, fitted with modern fixtures and fittings, to create a unique aesthetic and help customers to feel like they are part of something special. There are more such unique ideas that you can incorporate in your cafe to make it stand out. In case you are up for more such suggestions, getting in touch with a commercial shopfitter, such as the ones found on could be worth your interest. Only by working with professionals, you can expect an ambiance that resonates with your stylistic choices.

If it’s just furniture and paint, does it really matter?

As a café owner, you must pay attention to every aspect of your business – including its presentation and atmosphere. A fresh, contemporary and appropriate fitout is immeasurably important and if you are committed to the best for your business, consulting and working with specialist shopfitters, such as Tu Projects , is definitely worthwhile. The best café interiors are stylishly coordinated, interesting, cutting edge and appealing to customers.


What are the café design trends you should know about?

1. Furniture that is mixed and matched

You may be aware of the fantastic effect that you can create with creatively mixed and matched furniture. This is not to say that you need to have or should have completely random and mismatched furniture in your café, but choosing furniture that is not part of a perfect set can create a very interesting effect. Mixing up the chairs with stools and including larger upholstered statement pieces is on-trend and can look amazing.

2. Statement pieces

On the subject of statement pieces, a current and enduring design trend is the use of statement pieces in café interiors. Many of these important pieces showcase geometric forms and bold colours, bringing unique elements together to create an impressive and interesting atmosphere.

3. Don’t shy away from contrasting materials

In some of the most stylishly designed and atmospheric cafes, contrasting materials are used in combination. Placing zinc and raw timber together can look incredible, as can the pairing of timber and leather. Get creative with your combinations to really generate a café interior worth talking about!

Don’t forget about materials like copper, either. This versatile and attractive material tends to feature in light fittings and wall panels, and is appreciated for the way it ages. Quite often, copper pieces become more attractive and interesting as they age.


4. Use colour

Choosing the right colour palette for your café is critical. The trend of using bold primary colours continues and colours such as cobalt blue matched with yellow and neutral tones are especially effective.

5. Less industrial, more plush

For quite some time, the industrial look has been very popular for cafes. In café design, there is a definite movement away from aesthetics that are rustic and rough to a look that is more plush and luxurious.

Café design is fundamentally important. The design and interior of your café significantly determines customers’ experiences with your business and the perceptions they take away and share with others. What’s your favourite café look?