We are all trying to save money and reduce the expenditure of our households. Gone are the days when the public made their way through thousands of plastic bags and we are now in the age where recycling is king and reusable paper bags are its squire. Whilst recycling is seen my many as a purely environmental cause there are numerous ways that it can save your household money and keep your home in a pleasant condition. Here are 4 ways to reduce the waste your home produces.

Make the Switch to Reusable Food Containers

One simple way you can save the environment and your bank account is through using sturdy containers to pack your lunch. When compared to the typical meal deal bringing your own lunch to work saves the use of a huge amount of plastic. Reusable containers can also cut down on your food waste as you make better use of your leftovers. Packing your containers in paper bags will let you easily carry your lunch into work.

Invest in some paper bags for your food shop

A recent criticism of supermarkets has been their high use of single use plastics to wrap food, namely fruit and veg. If you bring your own paper bags you will be supporting some of the supermarkets that have already made the switch from plastic to paper bags for the fruit and veg isle. Bringing paper bags will also help you organise your groceries without using a large amount of plastic.

Understand the Rules of Recycling

Despite the fact that the packaging of many products is recyclable there are a lot of rules around getting rid of your waste in an environmentally safe manner. Most of the time the products will have a symbol to indicate whether they are recyclable. Paper bags are a fantastic example of a product that is both useful and recyclable.

Find alternative uses for left over packaging and food

There are many examples of how you can repurpose old household items to perform a new function. Many people decide to make functional lighting out of old liquor bottles while paper bags are often used in arts and crafts to create interesting designs.

Strive Towards a ‘Zero Waste’ Lifestyle

Many are taking part in the ‘zero waste’ which is challenging people to completely eliminate their household rubbish by choosing reusable products. Whilst this might seem impossible for most people having it as a goal to strive for is great for motivation. It is also one of the reasons why we have seen increased paper bag adoption in recent years.

Run your own Business? Make the switch to paper bags today!

If you area business looking to develop their environmental stance adopting paper bags could be a simple step to take.

Make sure you go with an expert supplier as this will ensure you get the best product and packaging possible for your customers. The Paper Bag Co offer fantastic bespoke reusable bags that will benefit both you and your consumes.