Finding the perfect gift can be a lot of pressure at Christmas time. Coming up with gift ideas for a whole list of people can be difficult, especially when you are trying to plan a Christmas feast as well. Instead of to braving the festive crowds at the shops, why not try making your own unique gifts this year? Here are some unusual suggestions for Christmas gifts you can make yourself.

Scrabble Ornament

Christmas ornaments are great small gifts, perfect for giving to colleagues or as secret Santa gifts. The beauty of Scrabble ornaments is you can spell out the person’s name or any other word of your choice. You might choose traditional Christmas-themed words such as noel, peace or joy. Simply select the letters and arrange them on a plate or a thick bit of cardboard. Once you have the layout set, glue the letters in place. Leave a few millimetres at the top of the board to punch a hole in and add some string for hanging.

Yard Art or Sculpture

If you have the technical skills, a one-off piece of yard art makes a perfect gift. Recycling old trash metal into a brand new sculpture ensures a gift that won’t be found in any shop. There are a number of video tutorials and design ideas online, or have a go at making your own design. Scour second-hand stores or even the tip for vintage tools or cutlery – these make great additions to sculptures. You may need to use a welder to join everything together, but talking to a professional welding company such as WIA can ensure you are adequately prepared to create your yard art.

A Quirky Cross-Stitch

The art of cross stitch has given way to the current trends of knitting and stencil work, but it is making a comeback. A quick online search can unearth all types of patterns, from traditional designs to designs featuring your favourite cartoon characters. As your only limit is your skill and creativity, there are no shortage of options. You can even create a custom design using a photo, ideal for people who are notoriously hard to buy for.

A ‘From Scratch’ Kit

These kits are designed to give someone all the components of a recipe in one handy kit. If you are searching for a gift for someone who is renowned for their empty pantry – this might be just the ticket. Just like a little hamper, the kit can contain the ingredients and the necessary tools. The beauty of a ‘from scratch’ kit is they are fully customisable. If your friend loves a creamy hot chocolate, try adding chocolate powder, marshmallows and a mini-whisk in a mug. Some other kit ideas include tea kits, cookie kits and soup kits.

Think outside the box this year with your Christmas gifts. These unusual suggestions can all be made at home and are generally quite affordable to make. What are some other unique gift ideas you have made yourself?