Looking for something fun for your kids to get into? Why not get them started in sports?

Beyond the obvious reason of improving their health and fitness, sports also teaches your kids valuable life skills like teamwork, cooperation and perseverance. Plus, they’ll gain a lot of awesome friends along the way.

Instead of getting your kids into video games or other sedentary hobbies, set them up for long term success through sports.

To get you ready, here are 4 Cool Ways To Get Your Kids Started In Sports:

  1. Do Your Homework!

First things first, do your homework and research! There are so many sports you can choose from. The key is finding something that your kids love and enjoy.

Before forcing your kids into a sport, think long and hard. What skills do they have? What are their personalities like? Who do they look up to? The list goes on. From there, it should be easier for you to choose which sport best fits your kids. Here are five sports you that can help build your child’s personality.

Another thing that you should take into consideration is accessibility. Find a sport that can be done close to home, otherwise you and your child will just end up tired from driving to and from practices and matches. Not only that, it’ll be much harder for your kids to form lasting friendships when away from their coaches and teammates.

Look for a sport that is both accessible and affordable. Take all things into consideration, like even the outfits and equipment they need. For quality equipment at reasonable prices, you can check out sites like Sports Direct and Strideline.

  1. Excite Them

Once you’ve narrowed down their list of possible sports, allow your kids to choose for themselves. After all, they’ll be the ones out in the field playing.

What’s the best way to go about this?

Introduce each sport slowly, possibly by bringing them up casually in conversations. Watch movies or shows that feature various sports and observe where they gravitate. You have to figure out what excites them and piques their interests.

Allow your children to feel cool and encourage them to pursue what excites them. If you know kids who are already playing a sport, introduce them to your children as well. That way, they can have something to look forward to before their first day of practice. And don’t forget to give them good gear. We suggest custom socks in their favorite colors and patterns for a stylish debut on the field or court.

  1. Let Them Join Sports Camps

Make your kids’ summer memorable and productive by enrolling them in a sports camp. In camps, they can receive the best training from professional coaches with years of experience in the sport. And they’ll get to spend time with kids who are just as passionate and enthusiastic about the sport they love.

Depending on the interest of your kids, you can enroll them in a club of their liking. For instance, if they seem more inclined toward water sports, then you can make them join swimming camps, surf camps (wherein a site like everydaycalifornia.com/products/kids-surf-camps could be helpful), or something similar.

  1. Play With Them

Sports are always a great way to bond as a family.

Picking up the sports your kids love shows them that you support their passions. Promise yourself that no matter how full your schedule or how busy your day gets, to squeeze in some time to play with your kids.

If you don’t do this when they’re young, trust us–you’ll be missing out on a lot.

BONUS: This can also serve as your much needed break!