If you live in the Northern Hemisphere and are currently looking out of your window, chances are you’ll need no reminder that spring isn’t here quite yet.

However, that increasingly antsy feeling that grows whenever you find a stray piece of Christmas cracker under the couch, struggle to squeeze a new outfit in your wardrobe or suffer incessant nagging from your kids and spouse that they can’t find their favourite toys, games, books and gadgets means one thing – your well-organised spirit is crying out for the calm, control, and composure that only comes from a deep spring clean.

But how do you get started when the task seems so overwhelming? Well, let’s take things one step at a time. You’d feel a lot better if you sorted out what you want to clean by yourself and what you’d hire professionals for. For instance, it would be much easier and better to hire a carpet cleaning weybridge service (or a similar cleaning service elsewhere) to thoroughly scrub out your rugs and upholstery. You can do the more minor stuff, like dusting the ceilings and scrubbing the sink, on your own. It’s not an impossible task if you go about it methodically. In the spirit of that, here are three ways to set yourself up for a super spring clean.

  1. Watch Marie Kondo

First thing’s first – put the kettle on, make yourself a cuppa, settle down on the sofa, turn your mobile to silent and watch Tidying Up With Marie Kondo on Netflix for inspiration.

This renowned Japanese tidying consultant doesn’t just turn tucking away t-shirts into an art form – she transforms lives through making everyone from hoarders to busy single parents and carers of elderly relatives feel like they’re no longer at the mercy of the slings and arrows that life throws their way.

  1. Read About Swedish Death Cleaning

Despite the way it sounds, this Scandinavian approach to cathartic cleaning isn’t macabre, but it does have its roots in developing a healthy appreciation of time and mortality through tidying your house and freeing yourself from the stress of clutter.

The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning by Margareta Magnusson is based on the Swedish phenomenon of Dostadning – whereby the elderly and their families set their affairs in order so that they can live more peacefully during their later years. Available on Amazon, it’s recommended reading for anyone who wants to take stock of what’s really important in life and will encourage the most reluctant amongst us to pick up a broom and get busy.

  1. Buy a mat

Buying a mat might be the most important step in motivating you towards a thorough spring clean that results in a much more harmonious household.

But why?

Because once you can visualise you, your family, friends and visitors stepping over your domestic threshold into a tidy haven or peace and tranquillity, you’ll be desperate to turn that fantasy into reality.

And don’t settle for any old foot scraper – splash out on a personalised mat from Kleen-Tex and adorn it with a life-affirming motto or a simple ‘Welcome Home’.

These three home management hacks should set you up for a spring clean that cleanses your body and soul as well as the kitchen surfaces and carpets – you can thank us later!

That’s our list! Please share your own spring cleaning tips in the comments section.