The internet has opened countless possibilities to working Americans. With options to telecommute, working Americans are finding it plausible to live in a variety of locations. Working mothers are now finding themselves able to get the best of both worlds, although it can be a delicate balancing act to avoid spreading themselves too thin. Stay-at-home moms are also benefitting from additional income without childcare expenses taking a bite out of it. Included here are a few ways mothers are finding work from home.


You may be surprised to find that betting can be an incredibly lucrative pastime online. You may have heard that there are international travelers supporting their passion solely on poker bet payouts. Similarly, there are other people who have managed to start their own businesses from proceeds earned from betting. As with any investment, it can be risky endeavor, but knowing when to get out can save you from getting into trouble.

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Selling Products

Many women have a natural talent for crafting things at home. Perhaps it’s a result of their maternal instincts or just a way to stay occupied and exercise their creativity. Thanks to platforms like Etsy, more women can now showcase and market their crafts or honed skills. Additionally, there are helpful marketing tools like Etsyhunt (for more details, check out this etsyhunt review) that can boost your sales with minimal effort. This avenue is ideal for women seeking to earn extra income or kickstart a business.

If you are not crafty, you can find other ways of selling product online. With sites like Ebay and Yahoo Auction, you can find a variety of things around your home you are no longer using and sell them for a profit. Decluttering your home and living minimally can be a relief when you are dealing with the tornadoes of chaos that are children.


Many women began logging onto the web in search of community. Spending days at home with newborn infants and toddlers can take a toll on any adult seeking genuine conversation and support systems. Through this need, mommy blogs and the blogging community was born.

The blogging world has seen seemingly endless changes since its manifestation. Women are able to create blogs that center around a multitude of niche ideas, from child-raising to portfolio investments. By creating great content you can benefit from a lucrative amount of money each month.

Most bloggers find their income indirectly through their blog. They begin by creating a great reputation and marketable content, and then seek additional income streams. This income can come in the form of affiliate links, advertising, merchandise sales or even ebook or promotional video sale. Almost anything is possible online, and the more dedicated and informed you are, the more you will make.