It’s fairly common knowledge that uprooting your family, especially your children, can be a hard and stressful time. While you can take precautions to ensure all your belongings make it to your new home without issue, the same isn’t always the case for the emotional and physical well being of your children.

Although studies acknowledge that moving is tough on kids, they also highlight the immense benefits that living abroad can bring to a child’s life and future. This is why many people choose to move to other countries in search of better opportunities. To complete this process swiftly, they typically pack their belongings, hire movers, sell their old homes to companies like Crawford Home Buyers, and start anew in a different place.

To illustrate how moving abroad can be advantageous, we’ve listed the top three benefits below.

Potential For More and Better Formal Education

When a child moves to a different country, their thirst for knowledge grows exponentially. This desire to always be learning and improving is something many children who live abroad keep with them throughout most of their lives. In fact, reports that children who lived outside of their home country for at least one year were four times more likely to get a bachelor’s degree. The chances of getting post-graduate education also increased. This phenomenon could be attributed to the different levels of importance various countries put on education or that many children who live outside their home country do so as a result of an educated parent’s career.

Greater Understanding and Appreciation of the World Around Them

According to, living in a different country will give your child the opportunity to be exposed to many cultures and ideas that they otherwise never would have known about. As a result of this, many children who have lived abroad will gain a greater understanding and appreciation for the culture and lifestyle of others. This will instill in your child greater acceptance and respect for people who can be viewed as different, creating a world in which new things are celebrated and tolerance is abundant.

Become More Adaptable and Prepared for Adult Life

Moving abroad will present certain challenges for your family and your child, especially if the culture and language of your new home is vastly different from what you’re used to. However, these changes can actually be very beneficial to your child. According to, living in a different country helps children learn to be more adaptable to all kinds of situations. This type of education will help your child develop better problem solving skills that can give them a solid foundation for facing other changes that will inevitably come as they move into their adult lives.

If your family is contemplating moving to a new country, whether for professional or personal reasons, consider the potential positive affect this choice could have on your children. Not only can living abroad give them a better childhood, but it can also help them to be better prepared for anything life has in store for them later on.