When you hear about fertility, the focus if often put on the woman. What is she doing wrong that can be changed so that her body is a better host to make a child? This can be the wrong way to look at things. Sometimes the woman isn’t the problem at all. Sometimes it’s the male.

When a male’s sperm isn’t up to the task, it can be just as disheartening not only to a man’s ego, but to the couple’s morale as a whole. Families are the thing that so many live for, and when you can’t create your own, it can be challenging to find the light in life.

This is when you look to find solutions. Just as it’s natural function for sperm to fertilize an egg to conceive a child, it was by natural or sometimes unnatural external factors that make a man less fertile than he can be. It’s about finding which factors are causing the problem. Sometimes it’s much simpler than you think. Here are 3 ways to increase your fertility as a man:

Get Proper Nutrition

If you ever watched the documentary Supersize Me, it was about a man who decided he would take one for the team and eat McDonalds for a month straight, every meal of the day just to see what would happen. The man was fit to begin with and had healthy body function and a healthy sex drive. By the end of the month, his body could hardly function naturally in the sex department and he was pre-diabetic.

If you’re struggling with infertility, it might be due to the fact that you’re not getting proper nutrition. A diet high in fat and processed foods will mess with the natural functions of the body. In addition, if you follow a messed up diet, you may be at risk of getting diabetes, which can deteriorate your sexual health. Diabetes tends to decrease fertility levels in men and causes erectile dysfunction as well. That said, you can treat erectile dysfunction by consulting an expert doctor and taking medications like sildenafil and tadalafil (consider buying cheap Tadalafil online). You can also treat diabetes by following a strict nutrition plan and proper treatment. However, some types of diabetes require you to take medication and insulin forever to balance blood sugar levels. This also requires you to follow a healthy diet and avoid starchy foods that can disrupt this balance. Once you get your diet in order, your body will probably heal itself and infertility will no longer be an issue.


This goes along the same lines as getting the proper nutrition. If your sperm lacks gusto, give your body the kick in the pants that it needs. If you’re allowing yourself to get out of shape in all other departments, why would your sperm not follow suit? If you’re looking to get pregnant with your significant other, step up your regimen at the gym and see what happens. How you feel physically will amp up your desire to get moving in other departments of your life and the rest will fall into place…or swim, rather.

Let Go Of The Stress

Stress has a huge affect on the body. It greatly interferes with natural function and reduces the drive to get anything done. You guessed it, that also means in the bed department. If you want to conceive, learn to let go of the stress.

Spend less time at the office or get a massage every once in awhile. Once you get the stress aspect of your life taken care of, the rest could just fall into place. Who knows…you might be so fertile that you could be in high demand at the sperm bank.