We all know that fitness crazes come and go and what is fashionable at the gym one minute is yesterday’s news the next. However, whole body vibration or WBV machines have now become an established fixture in gyms around the country and increasingly in peoples’ homes too. This is mainly because of the significant health benefits that have been identified that result from whole body vibration exercise and also an excellent aid for weight-loss.

Here we take a look at 3 ways a whole body vibration platform can improve your overall health:

It’s in the Way they Move!

A WBV platform works by using hyper gravity to create resistance. In simple terms, the moving platform creates a similar sensation to riding in an elevator, with a single vertical directional force. When an elevator is in operation, you can feel your body becoming heavier as you go higher and this is the basic principal of WBV machines. The style of workout you get from the best full body vibration platforms is designed to work the musculoskeletal structures in your body, creating resistance to improve joint function and build muscle while getting a leaner shape. It’s a particularly beneficial exercise system for people who want to get the benefits of exercising more without pushing themselves to their physical limits.

Fantastic for Weight Loss!

WBV machines are excellent for shifting a few excess pounds as it provides a unique method of accelerated resistance that heightens the benefits of exercises using the platform. This means that you’re working out more effectively when you use the WBV method than if you were working out without it. The way it helps people to lose weight is by increasing their metabolism, which is the body’s ability to burn energy. When you have a higher metabolism, your body is using food more efficiently allowing you to eat more of the right kinds of food like vegetables, salad, white meat and fish without putting on any more weight.

Get a More Effective Workout!

The unique mechanism of whole body vibration platforms means that a 10-minute workout can be every bit as effective as an hour in the gym. Obviously, it depends on what exercises you choose to do using the platform but there are plenty of routines you can create that work on whatever muscle groups you want. If you want firmer abs, a vibration platform gives you the right kind of resistance to really work your core and if you want to tone your arms, legs or butt, the same principal applies. The best thing about WBV machines is that you don’t even have to go to the gym at all! More people are buying them for home use because it’s the perfect way to get fit without dedicating hours of your day to exercising.

Although as we mentioned above, fitness fads can come and go, the reason WBV machines are here to stay is because they deliver results! There’s never a quick fix to getting fit but there are certainly ways you can make it easier and your workouts more efficient over short bursts of exercise and a whole body vibration machine does exactly this.