When you’re expecting a baby, the amount of gear and supplies you need can be overwhelming. Luckily, people love buying baby stuff, which can end up saving you a lot of time and money that you’d rather spend decorating the nursery or banking your sleep. However, creating your baby registry can present hurdles in and of itself if you’re unsure how to go about setting up this all-important document. So to help make this transition into parenthood a little easier, here are three things to consider when you’re creating your baby registry.  

Spreading the Word

While you definitely want people to get you the items you’ve put on your baby registry, it can be a little awkward spreading the word about your registry if you’re uncomfortable soliciting gifts—which many women are. But WhatToExpect.com reminds expectant mothers not to be shy about creating or sharing their baby registry. In fact, because so many of your friends and family want to purchase something for your precious little one, giving them a list of items you want and will actually use will help make gift giving easier for them and more helpful for you. Be sure you’ve at least told the person throwing you your baby shower where you’re registered so she can help share your list to all those excited to meet your new addition.

Think Practically

If you plan to register at a physical store, you may find yourself going a little crazy when you see all the cute onesies, tiny baby shoes and the fancy dress clothes for little ones. But Angela Wayne, a contributor to Mom365.com, recommends thinking about your registry a little more practically.

Wayne shares that you may want to include on your registry more of the items you know you’ll use regardless of your baby’s temperament and preferences, like diapers, a breast pump, wipes and baby laundry detergent. By doing this, you’ll help to ensure you’re getting items that you would have to buy for yourself anyway while also giving your friends and family the chance to choose something cute like clothes or toys on their own.

Know What You Can Do Without

There are a lot of baby items out there that seem like a good idea but that actually aren’t worth the hype associated with them. Just ask any mom with a couple of kids and she’ll tell you exactly where you should be focusing your attention and what items will just end up gathering dust in the back of your baby’s closet. Some of the items you may want to consider skipping when creating your baby registry, according to TheBump.com, are a changing table, wipe warmer, baby shoes and baby blankets. While the first three of those items are just unnecessary, baby blankets will be purchased for your little one regardless of if you registered for them or not, so you might as well fill up your registry space with other items you want to be sure you have when your newborn arrives.

Just like each baby is different, each parent is different and requires different items to make them comfortable caring for their child. So to make sure you’re as prepared as possible when you come home from the hospital with your new baby, use the tips mentioned above when creating your baby registry.