As summer approaches, now is the perfect time to sit down with your family and plan out a home improvement project that you can enjoy as the year goes on. Depending on the type of climate in which you live, the projects presented here may not work for you; however, we hope that if that’s the case, these project ideas will serve as inspiration for your own summer project to complete with your family. So for those of you still looking for the perfect outdoor home improvement project to start this year, here are three options that your kids will love.

1. Create a Crafty Mailbox

One quick and easy project that your young kids are bound to enjoy is giving your mailbox a facelift. Take your little ones to your local craft store and let them pick out their own accessories and paint colors. You could even make multiple mailboxes and switch them out periodically so everyone gets a chance to have their own work of art on display. However, Lisa Steele of reminds us to be sure that the house number is visible and to be careful not to paint the mailbox shut.

2. Set Up a Tire Swing

A classic summer toy for kids is a tire swing. If you have a large tree in your front or back yard, a tire swing could be a great project to create with your kids that will keep them laughing all summer long. According to the DIY Network, all you need to complete this project is a 20-foot rope, a tire, and a tree sturdy enough to hold up the weight of your kids, preferably a hardwood tree. Then, simply tie the rope to a tree limb, attach the tire at the other end, and watch your kids enjoy hours of fresh air and sunshine.


3. Get the Fire Going

If you have older children or can commit to supervising your younger kids, adding a firepit to your property can be a great project that your family can enjoy even after the summer nights give way to the colder temperatures of fall and winter. According to Harry Sawyers of This Old House, creating the perfect fire pit or fire ring could take a few days, so make sure you plan your weenie roasts and s’more parties accordingly. Keep in mind, making a safe and secure fire pit can be a little more expensive than the previous two options, so be sure you can afford to spend the time and money necessary to make this dream a reality before promising your kids their very own outdoor fireplace. However, if getting a firepit is not in your plan, you can consider getting an outdoor deck installed where you and your family could spend some quality time together. You might just need to look for exterior renovation firms like Safe Harbor or the ones like them in your area that can install a lovely deck for your home.

Summer is the perfect season to get your family outside and spending quality time together doing home improvement projects and crafts they can enjoy for years. Try one of the options above to see your kids explode with happiness and excitement this summer break.