Buying women’s jewelry is a tough business; there are so many different aspects to consider. It’s no wonder that shopping for accessories can cause problems! To make sure you make the best purchase, here are ten helpful tips to consider:

  1. What type is best?

If the lady you’re buying for already has a necklace she wears all the time, she is clearly sorted in that department, so maybe consider getting her a bracelet! Equally, check she has her ears pierced before making any decisions.

  1. The material is important

If the golden hues are preferable, then you can go for solid gold jewelry or customizable 18k gold plated jewelry. There are other materials too to choose from, including silver, platinum, stone, ceramic, glass, and clay. In the end, it boils down to the choices of the individuals.

  1. How much bling?

Think about what kind of woman you’re buying for. Is she glamorous? Maybe consider getting her diamonds or diamanté. If she has a natural, earthy vibe, maybe some turquoise or amethyst gems would be better.

  1. Keep the receipt

As pessimistic as it sounds, always keep the receipt. It may be the wrong size, or she may want to swap it from gold to silver… you never know. Better to be safe than sorry.

  1. Sizing is key

This isn’t the case for all jewelry, but remember that with items such as rings, check the size before you buy. If the jewelry is adjustable, such as is often the case with necklaces, even better.

  1. Is it too heavy?

This varies between people, but especially with earrings, make sure you pick them up, or look at what they’re made of. Certain materials can be too uncomfortable for some people!

  1. Use existing jewellery for reference

If you’re not sure what she likes, take note of what she wears! This will help you select bespoke pieces from paradigm jewelry or a brand you’re more familiar with. It sounds obvious, but if she wears small, delicate jewelry, don’t buy her something chunky and loud. More often than not, this tip works well in finding the right jewel to gift your partner.

  1. Listen

Likely as not, the woman you’re buying for has already dropped hints about what she either wants or needs… keep your ears open!

  1. Manage your expectations

If you’re on a tight budget, don’t go out assuming you can afford diamonds. That doesn’t mean you won’t get something perfect, just keep your expectations in check.

  1. Be confident

You’re buying this jewelry for a loved one – you already know them very well. If you think they’ll love something, don’t second guess yourself! Make life easy and start your women’s jewellery shopping journey at Nomination Italy. The site has so many options, and the browsing experience is stress-free with the classy, simple layout. Perfect for every shopper.