Last year we decided to redecorate the bedroom, and after much time and energy we finally moved back in. The only aspect which we did not change in the bedroom was our bed and our mattress, something which we soon regretted. We originally left things the way that they were to reduce our financial burden of redecorating, but once we moved into our new and delightfully decorated room, we change our minds and went on the hunt for a new mattress. We eventually decided to invest in a memory foam mattress, which was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. If you aren’t sure whether this is a type of mattress which you will like, here are 10 benefits fo investing in memory foam.

Pressure Point

Pressure points on the body are important when selecting a mattress, because many will provide poor blood circulation and increased pressure, owing to the wrestle between gravity pulling your body down, and the mattress forcing you back up. A memory foam mattress yields to your body’s shape thus reducing these risks significantly.

Spinal Support

Memory foam stands out as a mattress material that offers unparalleled spinal support. Its unique ability to contour around the body supports the neutral position of the spine effectively. To enhance the pressure-relieving features of the mattress, you can add a cooling gel mattress topper. This combination not only provides exceptional comfort for sleep but also regulates body temperature, ensuring a peaceful and undisturbed night’s rest.

Pain Relief and Prevention

A good mattress plays a pivotal role in alleviating aches and pains, offering support to the body’s bones, muscles, and joints, particularly in sensitive areas like the hips and shoulders. Memory foam mattresses, like the ones offered by Layla or similar mattress brands, are renowned for their ability to provide such relief. If you’re interested in learning more about their effectiveness, consider looking at this layla mattress reddit review. It can offer valuable insights into the benefits of investing in a quality mattress for improved sleep and well-being.

Changing Positions

It doesn’t matter which position you sleep in when you are in bed, the mattress can adapt and change to your body shape to assist you in feeling more comfortable, whilst still providing health benefits.

No Motion

If you go to sleep before your partner, they will usually disturb your sleep when they get to bed. With memory foam this will not happen as the foam absorbs movements as opposed to transferring them throughout the mattress.

Dust Mites

Dust mites are a pain which occur in many older mattresses, with a memory foam mattress however, the appearance of dust mites is almost zero, leaving you with a clean and allergy-free mattress.

Excellent For Adjusting

Memory foam mattresses are the best choice for an adjustable bed, as the material is highly flexible, and you won’t lose any of its properties despite it being moved about.


Because of the removal of many parts of a mattress when you choose memory foam, the durability of a mattress like this is greatly increased. The lifespan of these mattresses are around 10 years, which is far more than its counterparts.

Easy Upkeep

Other than the occasional vacuum and spinning the mattress around once per year, there is nothing more which you need to do to care for a memory foam mattress. These are the easiest types of mattresses to maintain.


The price of a memory foam mattress is very competitive and the lowest that they have been for many years. This means that these wonderful mattresses can be bought by anyone, to help them to get a great night’s sleep, without it costing the Earth.

Why don’t you get yourself a memory foam mattress and enjoy these many benefits?