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    There are loads of great bloggers out there whose posts are witty, entertaining and, when it comes to mum blogs, quite frankly help us navigate around the parenting minefield and provide salvation in our most desperate hours of need! (A massive thank you to all the mum bloggers out there who’ve helped me with tips and support on numerous occasions!)

    I am now accepting guest posts from other writers on any topic you think my readers may be interested. All that I ask is that the articles you send for review are original, well-written and interesting to read.

    My articles are generally based on parenting, but I do have quite an eclectic range of articles on my site. As long as they’re of benefit to my readers I don’t mind what topic you choose to write about.

    For ideas, try one of the following:

    • Days out for families / children / couples
    • Activities at home with children
    • Education
    • Hobbies, arts and crafts
    • Relationships
    • Holidays
    • Health, fitness and nutrition
    • Household DIY tips


    Why Write for Selfish Mum?

    Writing for Selfish Mum will help you get your ideas or opinions out there and viewed by a large audience.

    • I have gained a large audience who visit my site having found me in search engines or via one of the various mum networks I am a member of.
    • I also have a large following on the social media sites Twitter and Facebook, so your articles will reach a large audience quickly.
    • According to my last check on Google Analytics, I was receiving an average of 150 visitors to my site per day, and about 4500 a month.
    • Of these visitors, roughly 1900 are unique visitors.