A preparatory school is a school which prepares the child for higher education. Parents admit their children in a preparatory school to ensure that they secure higher grades which will help them get an admission in a well-known higher secondary school. The schools admit children from the age of 3 to 11 and have specialist teachers that help them master the subjects.

There is a growing realization that primary education is the best form of education for the bright future of your child. If the stepping stone of the child is strong, they will be able to build a strong career in the future. Prep schools have broadened the curriculum with coeducation and are known to offer excellent extracurricular programs. Parents prefer prep schools with a small class size since it will benefit their child and will also allow the child to learn from the specialist teachers easily.

How to make the choice?

  • Do your research. Visit different prep schools and look at their past records. If you are enrolling your child in a prep school only for the purpose of admission to higher secondary school, choose the school which has an excellent record in grades.
  • Visit the campus. It is important that you visit the campus of the prep school and gain insights into what they have to offer. Keep your expectations in your mind and look for the same when you visit the school. Are you looking for extracurricular activities? Keep this in mind when you visit the school and ask the tutors about the same.
  • Meet the faculty. You want your child to excel in the entrance exam with higher grades. To achieve this, you need to ensure that the teachers who are teaching your child are specialist in their subjects and can teach well. The faculty will form a backbone of the school and you need to ensure that the prep school has highly qualified faculty. Contact Breaside Prep to learn about their specialist faculty that helps every child overcome their fears and achieves success in the entrance examination.
  • Admission process and fee structure. It is difficult to admit your child in one of the best prep schools in UK due to the number of applications received by them. If they have an empty seat, they can help you with the admission. Otherwise, you need to look for options and get the details about the admission process and fee structure. Prep schools charge higher fees due to the limited number of students and the small classroom sizes.

Breaside Preparatory school is located in Kent and is known for high quality education and exceptional results. The school provides the right learning environment for the children and offers excellent co-curricular activities. Contact Breaside Prep to get complete information about the admission process and to book a school visit. The school has specialist teachers who help the students at every step and strive to create an environment which is safe and child friendly.